I. A. Rehman Social Justice and Change Webinar Series

Housing Futures in the City of Islamabad

Panelists: Ayesha Shahid (Citizen Planner), Aasim Sajjad Akhtar (QAU, APAKA), Sikander Ajam (Federal Commission to Review Islamabad’s Master Plan), Jawad Aslam (AMC) and Fizzah Sajjad (LSE).
2:00 PM (PKT)

There is general consensus that there is a dire need for improved and affordable housing options in the city of Islamabad. This session focuses on growing housing challenges, as well as policies and plans that are being developed to adequately meet housing needs, particularly in light of recent master planning revision exercises and the government’s attempts to support the construction of new units as per the Naya Pakistan Housing program. Panelists share their understanding of existing challenges, the adequacy of current policies, and proposals for inclusive growth going forward, especially for katchi abadi residents and low-income households in the city. Panelists also speak about long-term sustainability of current forms of urban development practices more broadly, and reflect on the means and mechanisms through which the government can protect and enhance access to dignified, adequate shelter.