Adam Auerbach

Associate Professor, The School of International Service, American University

Adam Auerbach is an associate professor in the School of International Service at American University. His research focuses on local governance, urban politics, and the political economy of development, with a regional focus on South Asia and India in particular. Auerbach’s first book, Demanding Development: The Politics of Public Goods Provision in India’s Urban Slums (Cambridge University Press, 2020), accounts for the uneven success of India’s slum residents in demanding and securing essential public services from the state. The project draws on more than two years of ethnographic fieldwork and survey research in the north Indian cities of Bhopal and Jaipur. Demanding Development won the 2021 Dennis Judd Best Book Award from the Urban and Local Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. Auerbach’s research on urban politics and development in India also appears in the American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, Perspectives on Politics, World Development, and World Politics, among other journals.