Kashif Zaheer Malik

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kashif Zaheer Malik is an Assistant Professor of Economics at LUMS. He is a Fulbright Scholar and has a Masters and PhD degree in Economics from Florida State University. Dr. Malik is an economist with over twelve years of experience in the areas of Microfinance, Applied Economics, Econometrics and Economic Analysis. He has done research and consulting assignments for International agencies (IPA, IGC, DFID, World Bank, Global Fund to End Slavery), MNC’s (Coca-Cola), Banks(Barclays’s) and Government. His academic research is published in esteemed journals such as in Oxford Review of Economic Policy (OXREP), Economic Modelling and Journal of Economics and Finance.

His current research looks at risk-sharing financial contracts within the microfinance industry. Dr. Malik along with a team of researchers from University of Oxford has been investigating whether the debt-based nature of microcredit contracts (often with high interest repayments that are quite rigid) may be one of the reasons for the disappointing results on microcredit, and whether a contract based on the principles of equity financing which helps the entrepreneur better share in risk and reward, may be more successful in stimulating microenterprise growth.