Saad Gulzar

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University

Saad Gulzar is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. His research asks under what conditions can representative government – one that provides equality of voice and influence – improve people’s lives? His work brings evidence from a number of South Asian contexts such as Pakistan, India, and Nepal, to show that those not considered traditionally elite are in fact equally, if not more, capable of competent governance.

Dr. Gulzar received his Ph.D. in Politics at New York University in 2017. Additionally,  his work has received the Best Dissertation Award from American Political Science Association’s Experiments Section, as well as the Lawrence Longley Award for the best article published on Representation & Electoral Systems in 2020, and the Paul A. Sabatier Award for the best conference paper on Science, Technology, & Environmental Politics in 2020.

Dr. Gulzar works closely with politicians, political parties, bureaucrats, and government agencies in Pakistan, India, and Nepal, and strives to make these collaborations meaningful for research and policy. His work has been published in the American Political Science ReviewAmerican Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Politics, the Journal of Development Economics, and the Journal of the European Economic Association.