Daniyal Khan, Eeman Qureshi, Rimsha Arif
Rimsha Arif and Ayleen Naushahi
Following the industrial revolution, the world witnessed transformative changes led by the rapid evolution of digital technologies. The surge...
Eeman Shahzad Qureshi and Rimsha Arif
De-dollarization is a deliberate move by nations to reduce their dependence on the United States dollar (USD) in international trade, transactions...
Rabia Khan and Verda Arif
Considering recent events within the Pakistani and Sri Lankan economies, this blog piece assesses the following question: should Pakistan consider the Sri Lankan default a warning sign for its own economy?
Verda Arif
In light of recent adversity, this blog piece aims to address two main concerns. Firstly, how has this natural calamity affected women and children, two of the most vulnerable groups of Pakistani society? Secondly, to what extent...
Rabia Khan and Verda Arif
Post the 1960s, Pakistan’s economic history has not been especially renowned for innovation or excellence. But in 2022...
Hana Zahir
There is evidence to suggest that the digitization of land records benefits marginalized land-owning groups, such as...
Rabia Khan and Verda Arif
Every year, numerous discussions, podcasts, university events, etc. take place regarding the puzzle that is the Pakistani economy. A country...
Eeman Qureshi and Rimsha Arif
The challenge of circular debt has persistently plagued Pakistan's power sector and has worsened over time across subsequent governments...

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